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Oftentimes, business owners are told what they need to do, but they need help actually doing it. MPC helps you do it – efficiently and productively – so more time can be
spent working “on the business” instead of “in the business”

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Sonya L. Moore | Owner and Founder of Moore Planning and Consulting LLC

Sonya L. Moore | CEO/Owner, execution strategist

A Responsibility for excellence

After listening to the clickety-clack sounds of my older sister’s typewriter at the age of 10, I knew it would be a sound I would want to hear for the rest of my life. Productivity and creating efficiencies are hard to accomplish for many people, but throughout my life, I’ve grown a natural love for getting things done, and doing it well.

Everyone is good at something. But sometimes, there are tasks, skills, and hiccups that stop us from focusing on what we do best and leave us feeling like there are not enough hours of the day to get things done. For the last 20 years, I’ve worked to remove strategic planning, technological, or administrative barriers that prevent business owners and leaders from working in their expertise. 

Moore Planning & Consulting (MPC) is a continuation of my experiences that span in marketing, operations, human resources, and learning and development in two Fortune 500 companies. We are more than just an assistant or virtual assistant; MPC brings a combination of education, training, and leadership to each one of our clients to help them create sustainable systems, generate higher profits, and make strategic business decisions. 

We help small business owners, corporate leaders and teams, like you, because everyone deserves the opportunity to grow their business — even if they don’t know it all. Delegating tasks can feel scary or overwhelming. At MPC, we pride ourselves in reducing the anxiety and giving you a trusted team that you can lean on to help grow your business.

“you can’t scale without structure.” 

–sonya L. moore

Our vision

By 2025, Moore Planning and Consulting, LLC will offer an integrated service experience for our clients so they can access strategic planning, virtual business management, process development and other administrative support services – the one-stop shop administrative solution to help businesses become sustainable, profitable and successful.

Our mission

We provide strategic planning and administrative support to business owners and leaders who are ready to grow their business exponentially. We commit to provide the structure, tools, and support that help to grow businesses consistently to positively impact their bottom line.

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Our Team

Meet Finn Finn! She wears many hats at MPC and is one of our most valuable players. Occasionally, you may find her peek into a virtual call to say hello, or bark her opinion when she thinks you need to go in a different direction, when she’s not doing wellness, security, or productivity hacks.

chief wellness officer

Petting Finn Finn helps reduce stress. 

top flight security

Finn Finn is always on the job.

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