what we do

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin


the philosophy

MPC is an administrative consulting and support firm committed to helping emerging and transitioning business owners and corporate teams to strategically plan and execute on critical action items to generate and increase revenue. Often times, business owners are told what they need to do, but they need help actually doing it. MPC helps you do it – efficiently and productively – so more time can be spent working “on the business” instead of “in the business”.


Before we start, we sit down to understand the systems you have (or do not have in place) and help you identify strategy and process gaps to create solutions that give you more time to operate effectively in your business. This step is conducted in the form of an in person or virtual whiteboard session.


After our whiteboard session, Moore Planning and Consulting will put together a comprehensive and detailed plan of action. The plan will include the information discussed in the whiteboard session and a list of tactics to be accomplished in different phases to complete your project.


Time to work! Once a problem is identified, a plan is created and approved, it is time to make things happen. MPC will handle the tasks you do not have time for or do not want to do, while keeping you organized and accountable for you or your team’s individual tasks and deliverables.


Strategic Planning & Development

Have a big idea but don’t know where to start? The signature Whiteboard Moment (TM)” strategy session gives business owners and small teams the ability to “brain dump” their project idea and desires in a conversation-style working session, resulting in an easy-to-read, organized report that provides a “road map” to converting your idea into revenue-generating activities!

Project Management

Have a short-term or long-term project that needs ongoing management? We help with keeping it going by creating a project plan, developing a timeline, holding team members accountable and being the liaison to answer questions and troubleshoot so projects are launched on time and within budget.

Strategic Planning

Process Development & Support

Are you all over the place in your business? Give your business a productivity boost with this service. We help you to get your back office organized and in order, whether it’s setting it up, creating or streamlining systems, automating repeat tasks and developing processes for business expansion. The core of your business resides in your processes.

Graphics Support

Are you often in front of audiences and need a supporting Powerpoint? Let us create you an eye-catching presentation that will keep your audience engaged both verbally and visually – no death by powerpoint here! We also assist with flyers and other resources needed to keep you brand right in front of your clients and the community.

Social Media management

Need a consistent social media presence? We know there isn’t enough hours in the day, so this service lets us do the work by helping you with content and posting it on a daily basis so you stay top of mind with your target audience.

Executive Virtual Assistant

Need an extra set of experienced hands? Get the executive-level assistance that you deserve to give your business the extra boost needed to hit your revenue goals. Whether monthly or hourly time is needed, there is a package with your name on it so you can reallocate your time, engage with clients and grow your business.

Event Planning & Management

Have an event on the horizon? Whether just day-of coordination is needed or the entire event from vision to execution is needed, we will be the go to from helping with securing the venue, selecting supporting vendors, assisting with the marketing strategy and more. We are the liaison between you and the service providers so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities!


If you are ready for transformative administrative consulting and support, contact us today!